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Thursday, June 25, 2009

got to be there.

ive been off today. i slept most of it, having stayed up til 6am pressing kesi's hair (yeah i said it. and why is that joint touching his shoulders?) and watching the bruce lee story with him.

after i got my ID this morning i came back home and napped. i woke to the news that michael jackson was in the hospital. then, that he was dead. i followed the whole drama on twitter and facebook and spent the rest off the night watching mtv and youtubing my favorite mike videos. my mother also accidentally googled some inappropriate pix of one of mike's costars (i wont say her name cuz its inconsequential and her life took some sad turns.) heres some of the highlights of the day.

*i had a michael jackson doll handed down to me from my aunt stacey. loved that thing! he even had glitter socks. it was thriller mike and he came with the red jacket. i think it was handed back to stacey's daughter.

* i told la i wanted an "all i wanna say is that they dont really care about us" tattoo. she vetoed the idea.

*i must learn to rollerskate moonwalk, a la "bad." i should put them on now and practice.

*al sharpton said "when michael and i were teens..." what? you and michael were never teens together. womp.

*there is video of me and my 3rd or 4th grade class singing "heal the world." i just found out about it and im very excited. cant wait to see it!

* does anyone remember my long ride to chili's post? we listened to michael the whole ride.

*when i was 11 i would do the scooby doo dance to "dont stop til you get enough" with cousin/former blogger miss lady.

*I used to think man in the mirror was a song about a man who lives in a mirror and gave advice. or he was bad and thats why they put him in the mirror.

*and lastly, a video.

Monday, June 15, 2009

did you miss me?

i know you did.

im off work!!! its been a trying week. im getting back into life- i have a phone again. and i fouund out i can get the camera i had on amazon for $50. yay! theres been some drama at work reguarding the security videos and i had to write a lil nasty email and cc the hotel manager. im not above that shit. i am a pro with the emails.

now that im done typing about the drama of my life, which im even tire of talking about but that shit is everywhere, on to the good stuff!

my mommy and i had a lil date today! we had appetizers at longhorn, then went to the civic center for the "America I AM" exhibit. pleeeeease go see it! please! it was awesome! and im still mad yall didnt see king tut! but for real. 500 years of african americans. beautiful. also? packed. you should go on a wednesday. we spent most of the time waiting to see stuff. but then again it just opened friday. so there's that.

those of you that have twitter, follow @walmartAIA and get you some tickets! please!

anyway i had a great time with my mommy. she's a trip! she was talking about people all in kroger! lol. talking about what people had on and everything. thats where i get if from. who knew? she even wore her afro out today and we kinda looked like twins. in our lil african inspired garb (her a caftan with lil yoruba people on it, me a dress with reeds and some less descript african pattern). there are pix but wehad to break out my old film(!) camera.

i'll try to go less than a week before i have sumn interesting to say. lol

Sunday, June 07, 2009


so... how come the area of the police dept where you would your case# is closed on weekends? whats that about? i called when my mom got home at 6pm, and the chick had such a tude on the phone. she was like, "well you gone have to wait til monday anyway." shut up stank woman.

also, after looking at my bank statement online, i realize that the gas station he was hustling at was on cleveland avenue. so this dude came ALLLL the way downtown, to skulk around a hotel looking to steal stuff. he walked into the gift shop's back storeroom and probably would have racked up except my manager was in there, so he made up an excuse, talking about he was trying to apply for a job. so he disappeared and went around to the back of my store and stole my stuff. easy pickins.

i am using kesi's extra phone until i can get my phone replaced. i have to get my case number from the police dept before they can even ship it out. considering how close the warehouse i could have had it by monday if the apd worked on weekends. suckers.

i think thats all.

im pretty sad. i went to a baby shower saturday ande cooked friday. no pictures of either... i have no camera! sigh.