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Thursday, June 09, 2016


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Thursday, June 25, 2009

got to be there.

ive been off today. i slept most of it, having stayed up til 6am pressing kesi's hair (yeah i said it. and why is that joint touching his shoulders?) and watching the bruce lee story with him.

after i got my ID this morning i came back home and napped. i woke to the news that michael jackson was in the hospital. then, that he was dead. i followed the whole drama on twitter and facebook and spent the rest off the night watching mtv and youtubing my favorite mike videos. my mother also accidentally googled some inappropriate pix of one of mike's costars (i wont say her name cuz its inconsequential and her life took some sad turns.) heres some of the highlights of the day.

*i had a michael jackson doll handed down to me from my aunt stacey. loved that thing! he even had glitter socks. it was thriller mike and he came with the red jacket. i think it was handed back to stacey's daughter.

* i told la i wanted an "all i wanna say is that they dont really care about us" tattoo. she vetoed the idea.

*i must learn to rollerskate moonwalk, a la "bad." i should put them on now and practice.

*al sharpton said "when michael and i were teens..." what? you and michael were never teens together. womp.

*there is video of me and my 3rd or 4th grade class singing "heal the world." i just found out about it and im very excited. cant wait to see it!

* does anyone remember my long ride to chili's post? we listened to michael the whole ride.

*when i was 11 i would do the scooby doo dance to "dont stop til you get enough" with cousin/former blogger miss lady.

*I used to think man in the mirror was a song about a man who lives in a mirror and gave advice. or he was bad and thats why they put him in the mirror.

*and lastly, a video.